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Buying My Art

How to Buy My Art

Buying Art Directly From The Artist

Purchasing directly from this website is currently not available.  I recommend that you purchase directly from me.  I sell direct to my customers because I wish to offer a premium service to ensure my customers purchase art that meets their specific needs

Advantages of Purchasing Direct

1.  I work with my clients to provide a custom purchase experience.  I work with you to help you pick out the right size and presentation options.  I can answer all of your questions and provide you with outstanding customer service.

2.  I can email or text you digital samples of images you are interested in purchasing.  Samples can simply be an image that you can share with your family and friends or show how the images will look when matted and framed.  I can also send you images of the different frame styles that are available.

3.  Limited Edition Prints are only available via direct purchase.  Limited Edition prints are signed and numbered and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

4.  Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints are my best sellers as the offer the best value for size and price.  Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints are available framed and unframed.  Both are ready to hang.  Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints are only available via direct purchase.

5.  I accept payments for direct purchase via PayPal or Square.  If you would like to pay by credit card, I can send you an invoice that you can pay directly to Square and they handle the transaction and protect your credit card information.  Other payment options may be available by special request.

6.  Please use the Contact Me Link below if you are interested in purchasing a piece of Fine Art for your home.

Limited Edition Metal Prints

Available Via Direct Purchase From Artist

Most Metal Prints 20 x 30 and larger are offered as Limited Editions.  Limited Editions Prints are only available by Direct Purchase from the the Artist and are not available for direct purchase from this website.  Limited Edition prints are numbered and signed and include a Certificate of Authenticity.  The location of the signature (front or back) can be specified at the time of ordering.  Limited Edition Metal Prints are delivered or shipped directly by myself to the Purchaser.  Direct purchase allows me to customize the Metal Print to meet your specific needs.  Please contact me from the link at the bottom of this page or the Info & Contact menu above to purchase or for further details.

Metal Prints infuse dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, creating truly archival works of art with an incredible luminescence, detail, and durability. Metal Prints showcase a revolutionary medium that is highly durable, waterproof, weatherproof, and ultra scratch-resistant. The high-gloss sheen gives your photos a vibrant luminescence with incredible detail and resolution.

Metal Prints come backed with 3/4" thick frame that when hung appears to float off the wall.  Metal Prints are also available with Flush Frames, Traditional Framing or with drilled holes for mounting to the wall with stainless steel stand-offs.   Metal Prints are available with sharp square corners or rounded corners for your safety and the surface can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Metal Prints are available in a High Gloss, Medium Gloss or Satin finish.

Metal Prints can be grouped into a cluster using the same image for a stunning presentation. For additional details and pricing options, please contact me from the link at the bottom of this page or the Info & Contact menu above. More information, including videos can be found on the SmugMug website. Here is a link for more information on Metal Prints.

The best value in purchasing a Limited Edition Metal Print is purchasing early in the series while Tier I pricing is in effect.  Pricing increases as the edition sells out.

Please contact me from the link at the bottom of this page or the Info & Contact menu above if you would like to purchase a Limited Edition Metal Print, if you have questions or need for further details.

LE Metal Prints - Standard Tier 1
LE Metal Prints - Non-Standard Tier 1
Open Edition Metal Prints

Open Edition Metal Prints are typically smaller than Limited Edition Metal Prints.  With Open Edition, there are no limitations on how many prints can be produced and they are generally available at a lower cost than Limited Edition Metal Prints.

There are several framing options for metal prints.  There are three frames that are designed specifically for metal prints.  These are the flush mount frame,  inset frame and floating frame.  Detailed information on the available frame types can be found here.  Please contact me from the link at the bottom of this page or the Info & Contact menu above for further details and a price quote.

Custom sizes are available upon request.  Custom sizes are perfect when you need a specific size to fit your space.  For example, a custom size is perfect when displayed in a wall inset.  Pricing is similar to standard sizes.

Canvas Prints

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints are printed directly on premium quality artist-grade, poly-cotton blend canvas using canvas ink and coatings that are formulated to work together to provide the high quality, longest lasting product. 

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints are printed such that the image wraps around the edges in a museum style presentation where the photo is visible on the edges.   Solid color edges are also an option.  It's a stunning presentation for Fine Art Photography.  For images in my Artistic Photography line, a Gallery Wrapped Canvas approaches the feel of a fine art painting.  Each canvas print is finished off with a clear UV coating, providing a protective layer with a satin luster.  

Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints are also available framed.  

Please contact me from the link at the bottom of this page or the Info & Contact menu above if you would like to purchase a Gallery Wrapped Canvas, have questions or need for further details.

Standard Canvas
Non-Standard Canvas

Photographic Prints

Professional Prints

All prints are printed on professional quality photo papers so that you always receive the longest lasting and highest quality photographic prints available.

Professional prints are printed on Kodak ENDURA professional photo paper.  There are two finishes available: Lustre is a matte finish with a fine grain pebble texture. Glossy is finished with a high gloss look.  

Premium Papers & Fine Art Photo Prints

Metallic Paper has a glossy finish and metallic appearance that creates images with exceptional visual interest and depth. In addition to delivering rich, vibrant colors and flattering flesh tones, this paper offers 100 year plus image stability.  Metallic paper is ideal for stunning landscapes, portraits, sports, special events, and greeting cards

Fuji Pearl paper is a glossy surface that offers sharp detail, high intensity colors, and a distinctive pearl-like appearance.

Fuji Deep Matte is a professional paper with a deep matte non-reflective surface that feels velvety soft.

Fine Art photo papers are a rich, high quality paper from Moab, Epson, Hahnemuhle and Canson.  These photographic papers are long lasting, high quality and suitable for Fine Art.  Contact me for more information omg these photographic papers.


Photographic prints are also available framed.  They can be framed as a straight photograph or matted & framed.  There are several frame styles and matting options to meet your specific needs and match your decor.  Please contract me using the link at the bottom of this page or the Info & Contact menu above if you would like to purchase a framed print.

Photo Prints

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