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Fine Art Photography

My Fine Art Photography is presented in several mediums and ready to hang in your home.  O work with my clients to help them pick the right presentation options to match their decor and pick the right size for the desired space.  Additionally, I work with my clients to select artwork that meets their tastes and interests.  Many clients give me a general idea or theme of what they are looking for and I can suggest individual pieces for their consideration.  Often times, I will release new pieces from my unreleased image vault.

Metal Prints:  Metal Prints are my favorite medium.  Metal Prints infuse dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. The resulting images are waterproof and take on a magical luminescence.  The colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking with detail and resolution that is unsurpassed.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints:  I offer both traditional (unframed) Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints and Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints.  Framed Gallery Wraps appear to float in the frame.   Gallery Wraps are my best sellers as they have an excellent size and price combination that is popular with my clients.

Traditional Matting & Framing:  I offer most of my fine art collection as photographic prints, matted and framed.  I work with my clients to offer many different frame styles to meet individual customer tastes and decor.  If desired, I also offer individual prints for the customer to do their own custom framing.

Other Mediums and Customizations:  Upon request, I work with my customers to present my fine art on other mediums such as wood or acrylic and I also offer unique framing presentations using bamboo or metals.  Please contact me for details.

Artistic Photography

I created the term "Artistic Photography" do describe my process of taking an original photography and working with it digitally to transform it into work of art that has the feeling of a painting or drawing.  I am often inspired by great painters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne or Pierre-Auguste Renoir.  I usually present the results on canvas or metal, depending on which medium best fits each specific piece.

I often do more than one artistic version of an image depending on what I feel works best.  I can work with you to develop custom artistic versions that suits your taste and style.

I also accept commissions to digitally transform your own original photographs into a work of art that has the same feeling of a painting or drawing.  Once I see your image, I can evaluate the quality and work with you to get a piece of art to hand in your home.


Initial Image


Final Image

Red_Rock Crossing_Final_2483-85p2a_300x420

Photo Enhancements

Technology today can do some amazing things, but camera technology, as good as it is, still has a long way to go before it can equal what the human eye can do. Photographically speaking, a digital camera cannot effectively capture an image when some areas of the image are very dark and other areas of the image are very bright.

For example, the water in the initial image is very dark relative to Cathedral Rock in the background, which is relatively very bright.  While the human eye can see this just fine, a digital camera cannot capture it well.  To account for this limitation, I have merged two separate images together to re-create what I saw when I when I took the picture.  The end result is what you see in the final image. 

Digital Artistry

Above I described how I work to enhance my images by recreating what the naked eye can see, yet the camera cannot capture it very well. Digital Artistry is the art of stylizing the image to create an enhanced image that you will never see naturally occurring. Digital Artistry is really about creating something new, something fun and something different.

For example, I photographed this image of the moon lighting some beautiful clouds. The initial image is in black and white, which is typical for lunar photography. Afterwards, I added, my own artistic flair by adding a bright blue to the cloud formations, yielding a unique and abstract artistic feeling to the final image.  Again, something new, something fun and something different.

Initial Image


Final Image


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